Call Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The action item today is to:  call the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee at (844) 241-1141 urging them to come together across party lines and call for a Special Prosecutor. Since Kamal Harris is one of our Senators you will be put through to her. (If neither of your Senators is on the committee, you will be randomly connected to a Republican member of the committee.)

Talking Points

With National Security at stake, we need the Senate Intelligence Committee to get smart and start erring on the side of caution rather than “hoping for the best.” Here are three key things to tell them:

First – We, the public, need to be assured that the criminal investigation has not been blocked or interfered with by the President and the President’s own words yesterday make us more nervous rather than less. They have an obligation to level with us and avoid covering up or explaining away the President’s actions.

Second – We don’t want a special prosecutor to replace the Committee’s work – we want them to work together. A special prosecutor should not create a “turf battle” with the Intelligence Committee, in the way that a Select Committee might. For example, the Intelligence Committee cannot pursue a criminal investigation. Some members of the Intelligence committee continue to describe their work and the appointment of a Special Prosecutor as an “either / or” when it should really be a “both / and.” Caution says that we should be using all available means to investigate foreign interference in our elections.

Third – We get that Donald Trump can be difficult to work with and dangerous to cross. We are not asking you to make trouble for the point of riling up the President. Part of the reason why we are appealing to you as a Committee to link arms AS A GROUP is because you are much safer from retaliation by the White House (for example Presidential Tweet-storms) or the Kremlin (for example, your emails being hacked) if you do the right thing as a group rather than go out on a limb on your own.

We are paying close attention. We aren’t fools. We will remember who did the right thing and who did the right thing only after we had to drag them, kicking and screaming.


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