HealthCare – Obviously

vote them out

Yesterday the Republicans House in the House decided that tax cuts are more important than health insurance for the poor, sick and frankly a good portion of the middle-class or what remains of it.

The Senate might be less vile so there is some hope but at least now we know where the Republicans in the House stand.  Not with the people.

It is a disgrace at all Republican Californian Congressman and one Congresswoman voted for TrumpCare or rather Trump-Not-Care.

So, today it is easy to know what to do: call, email, send postcards, tell them that we wont stand for it.  even if we are not in their district we can register voters, canvas, help get them defeated.  Suggest to them they start looking for a new job because this one is coming to an end in 2018.

I already started with our almost local Jeff Denham in CA-10. Darrell Issa is a good target, too, he won with less than 1000 votes.

This is a long game, if you can, volunteer for voter registration in republican districts. Here is a place to start:

Diane Forensich, SCCDP Volunteer, (408) 445-9500,

Further reading: LA Times article



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