Russia Sanctions – make a call to the Foreign Affairs Committee

ExxonMobil is asking the State Dept. for permission to drill for oil in Russia. So call the House Foreign Affairs Committee and tell them to take a stand: No weakening of our sanctions against Russia and no special treatment for Exxon.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (Putin BFF and former ExxonMobil CEO) says he has recused himself, leaving us to wonder who exactly is driving this decision. After all, his Deputy Secretary hasn’t even been confirmed yet? Tell the House Foreign Affairs Committee to hold a hearing so that we can get these answers from Rex under oath.

When you dial (844) 241-1141, you’ll be connected to a random member of the Committee – remind them that they do their committee work on behalf of the nation, not just their district.

A NYT article is here.

Foreign Affairs Committee members:



Ed Royce, the Chairman is from CA-39 a district incl. parts of LA, Orange County and San Bernardino. He on handily in 2016 (57%) but he might still a good person to contact directly via email about this.  His website states, though, that he won’t respond to anybody emailing him from outside the 39th district. the contact form is here.

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