A Personal Note

I  am committed to keep engaged and involved and committed to resist.  But sometimes it is very difficult to stay motivated and energetic.  Sometimes it is so compelling to say “I’ll do that tomorrow or another day” and sometimes I do act that way. Then there is the risk of getting used to all the terrible things happening around us.  Just another day in Trump-Land, I think, what used to be the unthinkable becomes the new normal.  And one slowly adjust to that new normal.

But we can’t let that happen to us, we can’t accept the unthinkable as the new normal, we can’t let Trump get away with destroying our environment as well as our democracy one conscious and deliberate step after the next. We can’t let him get away with making whole groups of people second class, taking away health care and eroding more and more women’s right to choose and the availability to get proper care. We can’t stand by as he takes lunch money from poor kids and deprives elderly people from the only warm meal they can get. We can’t sit still as he casually, over a piece of chocolate cake, brings us to the brink of a war with Syria, North Korea or both.

It feels so minor what we can do: another email, phone call, postcard to our senators, another email to our representative, another petition, another meeting we attend.  Yet we need to continue. We lost most of the battles so far, Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court for probably 30 years, we have Betsy DeVos selling out our public education and Scott Pruitt ruining our environment in the name of shareholder value – to name just a few.

But: there are battles we won. Health care is one,  for now, the block of the Muslim ban is another.  And let’s keep our fingers crossed for Ossoff and Quist in Georgia and Montana.  More than anything else these would be great hopeful signs that things are about to change.

We need to keep 2018 in mind, we need to work with turing the House democratic then in mind and we need to chip away at Trump and his minions: one email, one phone call at a time if need be.

It can be disheartening, we all want to do so much more and we can’t for a variety of reasons.  I feel the energy, my own and that of others, dwindling but we need to continue.  We can’t run out of steam three months into it. This will take years – we all knew that, just not that even months can feel so long and hopeless.

So, please, stay engaged, continue the good work, continue the chipping.  I will do my best and will kick my own behind when need be.

Please share this website with others and those of you who would like to post yourself: regularly please contact me at bbettina1@gmail.com.  I am happy to give to the log in credentials and explain to you how to post a blog.  It is really easy.

Alternatively, I can post the blog for you.  Just send it to the address above and put Blog for South Bay Daily Action in the subject line.  That way it won’t get lost in the clutter.

Resistance is not futile!


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