Do Not Forget about Montana!


With the Georgia Special Election happening right now and we all holding our collective breath for Jon Ossoff there seems to be curiously little attention on the special election in Montana coming up on May 25.  I have no had several conversations with people who do phone banking who where calling for Ossoff (which is great) but hadn’t even heard about the special election in Montana.

If you do phone banking or know people who do, please alert them.  Montana is winnable!

I have been following the race somewhat because a good friend lives there.  The choice is stark:

The democrats choose Rob Quist, a political newbie but well know and beloved folk musician who does have a chance against Greg Pianoforte, a multimillionaire who has lived there for some time but isn’t from Montana.  Quist is a liberal Democrat, Pianoforte a ultraconservative (incl. socially conservative) Trump supporter.

Here a few of his recent tweets to give you an impression of his opinions (I’d love to comment all of them but I will refrain!)

  • This filibuster is a disgraceful show of party politics. The Dems have let down their constituents & the nation. I stand with .
  • I applaud ’ decision to repeal the EPA’s job-killing . This is a good news for Montana energy and Montana jobs.
  • A great day for Montana! The will create high-paying jobs, improve energy security, and generate tax revenue. Thank you .

Also worth mentioning:

  • very much anti-choice
  • helped build museum on creationism

Spread the word, Rob Quist needs our help just as Jon does.  There is a real chance of picking up another House seat!


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