March for Science

March for Science Silicon Valley

On April 22 (Earth Day) the March for Science will happen in Washington DC with sister marches happening all around the world.  The closest one to us is the March for Science Silicon Valley which is going to take place in San Jose. The website is here.  Please sign up if you are planning on coming, it is free and makes organizing easier.

The March will be from 11 am to 3 pm and I will share more information as the time come closer.

This is not a march for scientists only. Everybody who values science, wants scientific facts underlying policies and wants to assure that our kids and grandkids have access to world-class science education in public schools   (and all others as well, of course) are invited and very welcome!

I will host a sign making event before the march and will keep you informed,  Here are some ideas for slogans:

  • Make America Smart Again!
  • Science does not care what you believe
  • When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.
  • Science is not a liberal conspiracy
  • I march because  [add your reason]
  • Science not Silence
Some geeky ones can be found here.



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